The Sevilla every Sevillian cannot miss


Sometimes,  the own inhabitants of a city are the ones who invest the least time in doing activities to get to know its city. It is maybe because of bastling jobs or lack of knowledge. There are plenty of activities far away from the mainstreams tourist routes. Therefore, here are some activities every Sevillian must to do.

Dueñas Palace. This place must be undoubtely shown as the top activity to see. The former residence of the Duchess of Alba, it opened its doors months after her death. It’s worth the visit to this great palace in the heart of the city center. Besides, if you make it to pay a visit on Monday afternoon (after 16:00) the entrance is for free.

Cathedral roof. For a number of years now, the Cathedral of Seville organizes group visits to discover the roofs of the Cathedral. Du

e to high claim, bookings should be done sufficiently in advance. Such views will not disappoint you.

-A must stop, Plaza de España. Besides being a highly tourist spot, a good tour around Sevilla should include to view a sunser from the views at the upper floor of the building.

-Lastly, another recommendation is to take the opportunity of doing a tour around Seville. As previously said, it is time every Sevillian know its city history, and a good way to achieve so is by listening to a professional guide.